In 2014 Azzaro Design was founded in Parma by a handicraft production company, 100% Made in Italy.

The utility patent of lighting decor accessories leads to develop the passion for lighting design, with the creation of a collection of LED lamps for prestige environments.

At the forefront, the careful selection of the materials used and the rigorous quality control throughout the creative and production process to reach a really italian excellence.


Nicola Azzaro was born in 1979 and He works in Parma , city of art where He learns with his family and since 2000, with great skill and commitment, craftsmanship applied to precision mechanics.

Because of the death of his father, the owner of the family workshop for precision machining, He decides together with his mother, to carry on his familiy business activity.

In the meanwhile Nicola becomes interested in Interior Design obtaining a certificate at European level as well, always looking for new creative stimuli, founding in 2014, the brand "nicolazzaro" italian design, starting from a functional patent for accessories lighting furniture, creating dimmable and customizable LED lamps in full and anticorodal PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate), built by craftsmen and 100% Made in Italy.

Real luxury objects capable to fuse technology and craftmanship innovation.

Nicola Azzaro style is totally expressed in every creation of his, designed with the intent to "light up the time" as Clepsy, a contemporary interpretation of the ancient hourglass or Soul Light, a delicate symbol of oriental culture connected to the the illusory nature of reality, personally made one by one with care and craftsmanship dedication using father's workshop machines.

There is always a careful selection of the used materials and a meticulous check in the creative production process to reach the italian excellence.


The functional aspect meets the beauty of clean, dynamic and sophisticated features.

The furniture design accessories represent the inspiration for the creation of a light source with aesthetic features.

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  • Salon

    «Azzaro Design’s stand became one of the brightest and most unusual ones at the expo. The company exhibited their new product, a sandglass-shaped lamp. This stylish and elegant lamp can be used as an additional source of light in any part of a house. Its functionality includes designs, lighting and provides emotional admiration.»

  • Italian lighting n.199

    «The futuristic reinterpretation of Time meeting full PMMA creating two design objects with different features: Clepsy Design, the hourglass in its essence and Clepsy Icon, from the richest facets related to its aluminum structure.»

  • Yacht Capri

    «The main material choosen by Nicola Azzaro is the PMMA, impossible to industrializa in the way he uses it, that, thanks to its unusual and unpredictable refraction of light, makes each lamp a unique product.»

  • Livein - La Clessidra

    «Time is the most valuable asset, but you cannot buy it. You cannot conquer or seduce it. You cannot implore him. It does not come back. It is implacable: it does not stop. It is elusive, it runs away, like sand between your fingers. We are all tiny grains at the mercy of destiny. Our existence is fleeting, as the flow of dust inside an hourglass ...»

  • Livein - Nicola Azzaro, l'artista della luce

    «Pointing to 100% Made in Italy and Customer Care,the know-how of this "light artist" is a technological innovation thanks to the application of the full transparent Pmma, manufactured according to certain shape and thickness criteria as a diffuser of light generated by high performance led strips and cobs»

  • Design meets Art in Monaco

    «7 I 8 I 900 - MAESTRI NEI SECOLI / Panini, Fattori, de Chirico, Fontana. Quattro opere rappresentative della grande arte italiana attraverso quattro secoli di storia»


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